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Web Writing & Social

Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma

Copywriting & editing for website rebranding | Instagram campaign | Photography arrangements

Guest Blog Post

Escalon Services

Medium-length, thought leadership blog post


Real Estate Client

This email newsletter was ideated by the media agency of a prominent real estate television show as a way to engage and inform millennial real estate agents (and hopefuls). It provides a quick blast of relevant industry news to equip a subscriber list of over 250K agents.

Full Website Development

Logistics, Procurement, and Distribution Inc.

Full website development including web map, branding, design, & web copy.

Blog Post

Money Machine Newsletter

These weekly, short-form blog posts are written to inform and update amateur investors. Post topics vary from breaking news and stock trends to investment tips and basic how-tos.

Top 5 In-Demand Bachelor's Level Careers - Updated 2021
Project Management - in demand career

Short Form Blog Post

Higher Education Blog

This short blog post targets a popular search query, saving money on college tuition. It utilizes affiliate links and helps drive site traffic.

Listicle Style Blog Post

Higher Education Blog

This listicle-style blog post was created to drive traffic to an online university offering the described bachelor’s degrees. It uses an informative, data-driven voice.

Top 5 In-Demand Bachelor's Level Careers - Updated 2021

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